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Watch the trailer

A free-to-play Real-Time Battler unlike anything you've played before.

The Battle


What is Spellcraft - Actually?

In Spellcraft, you lead a team of powerful heroes and cast spells in real-time to decide the outcome of the fight. You and your opponent each bring a team of heroes into a fight, each wielding their own unique spells. Some spells deal damage, some disrupt your enemies, and some yeet your heroes to safety in the nick of time.


Craft Your Team

Meet just a few of the heroes you can use to assemble your team in Spellcraft.


Reset dictates the terms of battle by repositioning himself, allies, and enemies, then puts down AoE damage once he’s got everyone where he wants ’em.


Xaev is a powerful wizard who unleashes fire magic upon his enemies. He specializes in combining his spells to create even more powerful effects.


Ines dashes around the board with a devastating flurry of knife attacks, leaving a trail of blood behind her.


Ulla is a sorcerer who commands powerful ice magic to damage and freeze her enemies – and save her allies.


Solna is a battle cleric that buffs and heals her allies. She can alter the outcome of a fight with key wards to prevent damage to allies.

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This is my favorite videogame of all time. OF ALL TIME.

You, probably



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