13 April 2023


The Spellcraft Team


2 mins

You asked for another tank hero — and here he is. We’ve got a surprise new hero dropping into the Spellcraft Public Alpha, and you can play him now.

Meet Tony, the Royal Guard. Yes, he’s a huge, imposing, sentient gargoyle from another realm. Yes, he’s got devastating stuns and tanky stats. Yes, he has an insatiable appetite for nachos. No, we will not elaborate on that.

We’re over the moon by the response to the Spellcraft alpha. Thank you so much for playing, streaming, and sharing feedback. We’ve been dropping a balance patch almost every day for the duration of the test, looking at data about how various strategies, heroes and spells are performing across the MMR spectrum, and reading all of your feedback about how the game’s feeling.

One common request we’ve read was that it’d be nice to have another tank to choose from in the lineup, and so we decided to drop one. Surprise!