The Reluctantly Chosen

Fine, I’ll heal you. But I get first dibs on the loot.

How They Play

A battle cleric that buffs and heals her allies. Can alter the outcome of a fight with key wards to prevent damage to allies.

Selected Spells From Solna's Repertoire


Solna heals her target ally, and heals for double if they’re below 50% health.

She’s an expert cartographer, has perfect pitch, and speaks six languages. But does anyone ask her about any of that? No, it’s always “Solna, a cave troll tore off my arm,” or “Solna, a force bolt shattered my rib cage.”


She’d rather be at home reading cozy murder mysteries or performing with the local musical theater company, but instead she’s out here, magically stitching up folks who really need to learn how to duck.



19 April 2023

Dev Blog

What’s Next for Spellcraft

tl;dr: Thank you for playing in Preseason 1! We’re aiming to bring you Preseason 2 of Spellcraft in late June during Steam Next Fest (June 19th - 26th) with a team-based game mode that builds on our core gameplay while letting you squad up with friends.

13 April 2023


Tony: The Royal Guard

You asked for another tank hero — and here he is.

6 April 2023


Play Spellcraft Right Now!

We're live! Head over to Steam and join the Spellcraft Public Alpha to play right now.

5 April 2023


Squiddleston, The Commodore

An octopod with a really big hat makes his way to the board.

15 March 2023


Calling All Creators

Join the Spellcraft Creator Program - and our Public Alpha Campaign!

14 March 2023


Play Spellcraft On April 6th

The Spellcraft Public Alpha goes live on Steam on April 6. You can sign up now by visiting the Spellcraft Store Page and hitting "Request Access."

10 March 2023


Wishlist Spellcraft On Steam

We're up on Steam. Add Spellcraft to your wishlist.

10 March 2023

Dev Blog

This Is Spellcraft!

Hello, gamers! We’re One More Game, and this is our first game: Spellcraft.